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Episode 24: Growing Indigenous Infrastructure with Forest James

In this episode of Fierce Compassion, we discuss growing infrastructure in Indigenous communities with Forest James, an entrepreneur, artist, developer, and enrolled citizen of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation. James explores how his diverse experiences in the arts, technology, and business shape his unique approach to bridging Indigenous and Western practices. He emphasizes the critical role of cultural understanding, self-compassion, and mentorship in creating sustainable solutions for Native peoples. Bringing an Indigenous lens to Beloved Community, James highlights the importance of inclusive decision-making and cross-cultural dialogue in fostering both economic development and cultural preservation. Join us!

Episode 24: Growing Indigenous Infrastructure with Forest James

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Forest

Forest James is a highly skilled individual with a lifelong affinity for artistic thinking. With a diverse and extensive secular background, James has cultivated expertise across various domains. James has dedicated over 20 years to the film and entertainment industry, honing creative abilities and fostering a deep understanding of the sector. An enrolled citizen of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation, James has actively engaged with hundreds of different tribal governments and tribal businesses, amassing valuable insights, knowledge, and a wealth of experience in planning, funding, and constructing infrastructure projects that cater to the needs of Native and Rural America. He excels in mediating between federal and state agencies, tribal governments, and tribal businesses, providing invaluable assistance in planning, funding, and executing projects aimed at promoting economic diversity within tribal communities. In recent years, James has represented a consortium of native and woman-owned companies, working towards the stabilization of intergovernmental infrastructure projects.


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