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Episode 19 – Breaking Patterns: Spontaneity in Anti-Oppression with Dr. Leticia Nieto

In this episode of Fierce Compassion, we explore the intricate relationship between spontaneity and anti-oppression with psychotherapist, author, and educator, Dr. Leticia Nieto. We learn how Dr. Nieto’s work with psychodrama has helped cultivate a deep understanding of the role of spontaneity in breaking down entrenched social patterns and contributing to anti-oppression practices. Dr. Nieto shares a richly nuanced picture of the dynamics of power and privilege, and we are delighted to soak up and share her insights with you on fostering an environment of genuine, compassionate change. Join us!

Episode 19 - Breaking Patterns: Spontaneity in Anti-Oppression with Dr. Leticia Nieto

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Dr. Nieto

Dr. Leticia Nieto was born in Puebla, Mexico, and moved to the US in 1978. She began working in social justice action with people who experienced incarceration, addiction, and displacement.  Her focus was anti-racism, economic, immigrant, and disability justice. Leticia holds degrees in theatre, human development, and clinical psychology. For 33 years she worked as a professor with Masters and Doctoral students using an intersectional model she developed to train counselors and leaders in anti-oppression theory and reflective practice. Her content incorporates gender justice, indigenous self-determination, children and elder rights, and queer justice.  She now works primarily using action methods (psychodrama and expressive arts) and maintains a counseling practice.


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