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Episode 18 – Education Evolution: The Community as Classroom with Lillian Hsu

On this episode of Fierce Compassion, we welcome Lillian Hsu, a school designer, teacher, coach and education innovator. Hsu shares her insights on integrating empathy into the foundations of educational methodologies and the profound impacts this can have on students’ engagement and sense of belonging. We’re offered a unique perspective on how compassion and community-focused learning can nurture future leaders with empathy, passion, and commitment to the common good. Join us for an enlightening conversation at the forefront of education’s evolution, bringing together classrooms and communities.

Episode 18 - Education Evolution: The Community as Classroom with Lillian Hsu

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Lillian

Lillian Hsu’s work is rooted in the belief that all students are capable of incredible things when given the right opportunity and support. Hsu was recently honored with a Jefferson Award for her work co-founding and leading Latitude High School in Oakland. Hsu has worked in a variety of educational settings, including Teacher Magazine, Sesame Street, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has provided coaching to principals through Stanford d school’s School Retool program and Educate78’s School Design Lab. Hsu was a founding teacher at Oakland Unity High School and was a pioneer School Leadership Resident at High Tech High, where she earned her M.Ed. in School Leadership. As Director of High Tech High Chula Vista, Hsu advocated for projects with authentic community connections, such as students designing and building affordable live-work units and reviewing legal cases for the California Innocence Project. As a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow with Big Picture Learning, Hsu documented efforts to bring project-based learning to SDCOE’s Juvenile Court and Community Schools.


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