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Episode 17: Decolonizing Nonviolence and Intergenerational Healing with Meenadchi

In this Fierce Compassion episode, we explore connections between nonviolence, decolonization, and intergenerational healing with Meenadchi, a somatic healing practitioner, communications expert, and author. We delve into Meenadchi’s work, Decolonizing Nonviolent Communication (DNVC), and discover the ways her heritage has shaped her approach to healing intergenerational trauma and promoting authentic communication. The episode highlights the integration of Family Constellations with DNVC, and emphasizes the importance of connection to the body and self-compassion in healing and transformative communication. Join us as we learn from and celebrate Meenadchi’s work creating inclusive, empathetic communities.

Episode 17: Decolonizing Nonviolence and Intergenerational Healing with Meenadchi

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Meenadchi

Meenadchi is a somatic healing practitioner, TEDx speaker, and communications expert whose work centers social change and embodied transformation. Using a blend of Family Constellation Therapy and Nonviolent Communication, Meenadchi supports inquisitive individuals and entrepreneurial changemakers in reconnecting with the intuitive wisdom of our bodies so that we can co-create intergenerational healing by changing the way we speak to ourselves, each other, and the universe. Meenadchi holds a clinical license in occupational therapy and has historically served communities impacted by gender-based violence, complex trauma, and serious mental illness. She is the author of Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication (2019).


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When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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