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Episode 15: The Rebels as Peacemakers with Kobi Skolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah

In this Fierce Compassion episode, we welcome Kobi Skolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah, friends and colleagues from Israel and Palestine, discussing their journeys from radicalization in youth to embracing peace. They share their personal experiences and transformations, touching on topics like self-compassion, storytelling, and understanding the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their work highlights the role of personal narratives and empathy in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, through education, dialogue, and promoting mutual understanding.

Episode 15: The Rebels as Peacemakers with Kobi Skolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Kobi and Aziz

Kobi Skolnick specializes in leadership development, crisis management, and organizational change. Fueled by a passion for creative problem-solving and unlocking human potential, he equips businesses, governments, and organizations to tackle complex challenges. Skolnick’s expertise includes building strong teams and capable leaders who navigate obstacles and advocate for social change, peacebuilding, and transformational change through empathy, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Aziz Abu Sarah is an author, cultural educator, entrepreneur, and peacebuilder. He is the co-founder of MEJDI TOURS and InterAct International 501c3 nonprofit. He is a Nat Geo and Ted Fellow. His latest book is Crossing Boundaries: A Traveler’s Guide to World Peace (2020). Sarah has worked in over 60 countries, including Afghanistan, Colombia, Syria, and the Balkans. He has served as Executive Director at the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. Sarah won the Intercultural Innovation Award from the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the BMW Group. 


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