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Episode 14: Caring to Lead with Jennifer Esteen, RN

In this Fierce Compassion episode, we welcome Jennifer Esteen, a nurse, mom, and community activist. Esteen shares her journey from New Orleans to California and how it shaped her into a powerful advocate for working families. We learn how self compassion and empathy informed and motivated her transition from healthcare to political candidacy. Join us to discover Esteen’s deep commitment to advocacy for safe, healthy communities and compassionate government as she reflects on her personal and professional challenges, triumphs, and her inspiring approach to service.

Episode 14: Caring to Lead with Jennifer Esteen, RN

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Jennifer

Jennifer Esteen is a registered nurse, mother, and community leader who previously served as Vice President of the Alameda Health System Board of Trustees and is currently a member of the Eden Municipal Advisory Council.

She has spent her career delivering care to the most vulnerable, first working as a psychiatric nurse in the San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Room, where she saw firsthand the vicious cycle that people experience from diminished funding for mental health care. After Esteen successfully led the fight to preserve funding for permanent housing for her clients, she was appointed to the role of Vice President of Organizing for SEIU 1021. Esteen continues to work with San Francisco residents who have severe mental illness and need supportive housing and help managing activities of daily living.

Esteen is running for Alameda County Supervisor because she wants to deliver for her community. She is a champion for working families who advocates for policies that ensure her community has access to affordable housing, preventative healthcare, jobs that pay a living wage, and the justice we all deserve.


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Podcast Manager: Lily Huang
Audio Editor: Brendan Youngquist

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