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Episode 13: Releasing Urgency and Changing Corporate Culture with Mary-Frances Winters

In this episode of Fierce Compassion, we talk with Mary-Frances Winters, founder and CEO of The Winters Group and author of seven books on antiracism, diversity, and inclusion. During our conversation, Winters shares her journey of self discovery with us: one that spans over 40 years of diversity and inclusion work within organizations and corporations across America. Despite her seniority in the field, Winters repeatedly directs us to the wisdom and learnings brought to her by her younger staff members, and invites us into the elements of white supremacy culture that she, as a member of the Baby Boomer generation, continues to unlearn. Winters discusses the difference between kindness and toxic niceness, and how centering niceness in our relationships can actually impede equity work. Together, we talk about strategies for inviting curiosity and openness within people who hold dominant culture identities, and the magical work that the question “How would you know?” can do when trying to call someone back in. Join us for an episode brimming with deep self-reflective questions, a report-back on how things are faring in the Diversity & Inclusion field, and practical steps for prioritizing Beloved Community in your workplace and relationships.

Episode 13: Releasing Urgency and Changing Corporate Culture with Mary-Frances Winters

Fierce Compassion Podcast

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About Mary-Frances

Mary-Frances Winters is the founder and CEO of The Winters Group, Inc., a 39-year-old global organization development and diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice consulting firm, who truly believes that diversity and inclusion work is her passion and calling. Named a thought leader in the field, for the past three decades she has impacted over hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals with her thought provoking message and her approach to diversity and inclusion. Ms. Winters is a master strategist with experience in strategic planning, change management, diversity, organization development, training and facilitation, systems thinking and qualitative and quantitative research methods. She is the author of seven books on antiracist conversations and on the impact of racism, including the books Black Exhaustion and We Can’t Talk about That at Work!


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