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Episode 20 – Self-Care to Social Change with Dr. Darlene Hall

In this episode of Fierce Compassion, we’re thrilled to welcome Dr. Darlene Hall, a distinguished psychologist, consultant, educator, athlete, and author. Dr. Hall delves into her personal and professional journey, exploring the multifaceted role of self-compassion in dismantling systemic oppression. Together, we’ll uncover effective strategies for transforming trauma and advocating social justice through compassionate action. Join us!

Episode 20 - Self-Care to Social Change with Dr. Darlene Hall

Fierce Compassion Podcast

About Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall, a Black lesbian Psychologist with strong social justice values, has provided mental health services for almost 30 years in multiple settings. She has taught at the graduate level; created an internship program for Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work students; and worked as a grantmaker in philanthropy. Currently, she has a private psychotherapy practice and consulting business.


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When we change how we speak to ourselves, we change how our brain works.


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